Baltonsborough CE VC Primary School

WOW - World of Work Week

   The children at Baltonsborough have had a very inspiring week, learning all about the world of work. Parents and community partners have come in to lead a whole range of workshops, and Young Enterprise came and set the week off with ‘The Fiver Challenge’. Key Stage 2 children have been working on enterprise projects, designed to use their £5 to make a profit.

The range of workshops has been incredible. We have had Chinese medicine and acupuncture, graphic design, accountancy, apprenticeships and higher education,  being a doulla, teaching craft, being a professional musician, an army officer, construction, tree research and organising a tree conference, a BBC correspondent,  design for events and homeopathy. The purpose of the week was to make an explicit link for the children between what they are learning and their future work life.

We are very grateful to everyone who has helped to make this a fantastic week.