Baltonsborough CE VC Primary School


Click on the links below to view our school policies. 

  • arson policy 2 (0.25 MB)
  • Assessment for Learning Reporting and Recording Pupil Achievement (0.05 MB)
  • Assessment Policy Jul 2016 (0.06 MB)
  • Attendance Policy June 2015 (0.14 MB)
  • Behaviour and Discipline January 2017 (0.14 MB)
  • Data Protection Policy March 2017 (0.05 MB)
  • E Safety Policy 2016 (0.21 MB)
  • Freedom of Information Scheme (0.21 MB)
  • Health and Safety (0.06 MB)
  • literacy policy March 2016 (0.06 MB)
  • Managing Allegations of abuse made against teachers and other staff (0.09 MB)
  • More Able Policy 2016 (0.51 MB)
  • Orchard Club Policy (0.12 MB)
  • Policy for Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions (0.38 MB)
  • PSHE Policy (0.04 MB)
  • Safer Recruitment (0.14 MB)
  • Sex and Relationships Policy 2016 (0.04 MB)
  • Staff Code of Conduct for Adults in Education 2014 (0.70 MB)
  • Teaching and Learning Policy (0.07 MB)
  • Use of Force Policy (0.55 MB)
  • Religious Education

    Child Protection and Safeguarding

    Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy

    Critical Incidents

    Attendance - Every Lesson Counts (inc. term time leave)

    Sex and Relationships

    Calculation Policy

    Statement of Behaviour Principles agreed Sept. 2017

    Anti-Bullying Policy

    Single Equality Policy (updated July 2017)

    Restrictive Physical Intervention Policy

    Charging and Remissions Policy

    Whole School Food Policy

    Collective Worship Policy

    Offsite Visits Policy

    Staff Code of Conduct

    Managing Allegations of Abuse

    Little Pips Policies

    Little Pips Fees Policy

    We work to the following Statutory document:

    Working Together to Safeguard Children

    Please see the below link for an explanation of Somerset County Council's data protection and privacy notices. 

    Somerset Data Protection and Privacy Notice

    Privacy Notice Workforce

    Privacy Notice Pupils

    For our School Complaints Procedure please see the Prospectus