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Life at Baltonsborough CE VC Primary School Life at Baltonsborough CE VC Primary School Life at Baltonsborough CE VC Primary School Life at Baltonsborough CE VC Primary School Life at Baltonsborough CE VC Primary School Life at Baltonsborough CE VC Primary School Life at Baltonsborough CE VC Primary School


Welcome to Lambrook Class, my name is Mr Travitzky and I teach Reception and Year 1. We are supported throughout the week by Mrs Bates and Mrs Western.                                                          

Here are the timetables for Reception and Year 1. We share a learning journey, but will often be doing different things throughout the day to meet the differing needs of the children. 

We organise our learning into blocks called 'Learning Journeys'. These an range from two days to three weeks. They are immersive experiences for the children and focus on a few key elements of the curriculum. We will cover the entire curriculum by the end of the year, but this allows us to really contextualise each individual element rather than teach an hour each week piecemeal. The exception to this is PE each week. 


When we come back in January 2019 we will be looking at the following three different stories and there will be lots of activities and learning around these stories.



 Autumn Term 2018 continued.....

We have been super busy this term below are some photos of the children's work:






 Autumn Term 2018

Welcome back to a new academic year.

We have set off at a run and have already learnt to properly care for our paintbrushes and create a variety of brushstrokes. We have painted an initial self portrait and are developing our skills ready to try other portraits too. 

We will be moving into mixing and making our own paints. We will be asking the children what they would like to make and paint. Later this half term we will be making a bread dragon to celebrate Michaelmas. We will also be learning to work with clay.

Here are some pictures of our work so far:



We also made portraits of ourselves using loose parts and objects from outside as Summer closes and Autumn begins. They make a great display board please come and have a look.



 Summer Term 2018

Welcome to the summer term from Lambrook.


Summer Solstice

Today (21/06/18) we marked the turn of the year by creating a sun mandala with flowers and leaves. We weave leaves together to make the rays of the sun and in the centre we lit a fire to help send our prayers to heaven. We have also explored our shadows and the passing of time by creating a sundial clock. We are going to create our own sun catchers, sunshine mocktails and sunny poems too.





Summer Time learning Journey

We are currently learning about explorers. We have met Sir Edmund Hillary and Walter Scott and we have interviewed them about their famous expeditions. The children asked many questions and were very interested in what happened during these expeditions.


Since then we have explored the life cycle of the Hungary caterpillar. The children have begun making their very own books and props to retell the story.



Next we will be exploring the geography and culture of South America. We will even be hosting our very own carnival! 



Spring Term 2018

Welcome to the Spring term from Lambrook.

The weeks are already flying by!! This term we are going to perform a bee musical we hope you can come and watch. We have been learning many different things about bees and honey. We have made a beehive display using egg boxes and felt and we have made our very own wax candles.

With our year 1 children we are going to be practising different number bonds from 10-20 and with reception we will be looking at different methods of pairs up to 10.





Our learning journey for the next few weeks will be the following:


Its only the first day back from half term but the children are so eager to learn, today they have been producing their own artwork below are a few examples:




Visiting the Moons Farm

The children have been so lucky to get the chance to visit a local farm. We put on our Hi vis jackets and headed out of the school for an adventure. When we reached the farm we met the farmer Mr Moon who kindly answered our questions and took us to see some piglets. We then made our way back to school and wrote about pigs and drew some wonderful pig pictures.



Bristol Zoo School trip

What a great start to the New Year, the children in Lambrook have been so excited about our current learning journey which is looking at the continents and oceans of the world. The children all agreed the best place to go on a school trip would be the zoo, where they can find out more information on the continents and what animals may live there. The rain stayed away and the children enjoyed the workshop where they got a chance to ask lots of questions and meet the animals.



Advent Spiral

On the last day of term Lambrook class came together to celebrate light, community and sharing. The children collected greenery from outside and placed it in the shape of a spiral in the hall.

The Advent spiral is a time for children to sit and reflect on the time leading up to christmas before the darker days arrive. It symbolizes finding light in the darkness. The children were given a piece of fruit and a candle to light, they lit their candle and made a wish. We all then sat for a moment to think about others at christmas time.




George and the Dragon

Our Latest learning journey has focused on George and the Dragon. We have learnt to retell the story and are acting it out as a play. We have made crowns, swords, sheilds and dragon masks! Alongside this we have also focused on what makes us scared and how we are brace. We have tied this in with the celebration of Michaelmas and in honour of this tradition we have baked a bread dragon which we will be decorating with autumnal treasures we collected from our village. 


Calendar Update

Here is one of our completed calendars in action. I think you will agree it looks fantastic and reflects the hard work and consideration the children put into their project. 



For our first learning journey we focused on D&T and Maths. We designed perpetual calendars to help us learn our days of the week. They have become really treasured objects for the children and the quality of their work spoke volumes for their attention to detail and enthusiasm. 


Here are the children sawing and oiling their pieces of timber. Photos from the calendars at home to follow. 

We will be creating our own prayer cushions next week.



You can find a guide to the Early Years curriculum here: