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Russet’s Trip to Dorchester

Russet’s Trip to Dorchester

Our school trip on Monday was lots of fun! We started off at the Dinosaur Museum where the children were able to stand beside life size models of different dinosaurs, smell the breath of a T-rex, excavate in sand to discover fossils and bones and learn all about the life and extinction of dinosaurs. After making our way to the park for lunch, we went to the fantastic Tutankhamun Exhibition. In the museum, we started by learning about the Rosetta Stone and how it played a major role in deciphering the ancient Egyptian text. We then found a model of Tutankhamun’s mummy and we learnt about some of the theories that have been put forward to explain the young pharaoh’s death. After looking at some of Howard Carter’s original photographs of the dig, lent to the museum by Carter’s family, we moved into the model of the antechamber. This has been recreated to look exactly how it did when Howard Carter rediscovered it in 1922. The children were amazed by this and it really felt as if we were making the discovery with Carter 102 years ago! The children set a great example and made the school proud. Well done Russet!